How do I write a CV for a sales manager?

How do I write a CV for a sales manager?


A well-crafted CV is crucial when applying for a sales manager position. It not only highlights your professional background but also showcases your skills and achievements. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps of writing an effective CV for a sales manager position.

1. Start with a compelling summary:

Begin your CV with a strong and concise summary that highlights your relevant experience, skills, and accomplishments. This section should grab the attention of hiring managers and make them interested in reading further. Keep it brief, ideally a few sentences, and tailor it to the specific sales manager role you are applying for.

2. Emphasize your sales experience:

A sales manager is expected to have a strong sales background. Create a separate section in your CV dedicated to your sales experience. Mention your previous roles, the companies you worked for, and the specific achievements in each position. Quantify your achievements with numbers whenever possible, as it adds credibility to your claims.


Regional Sales Manager, ABC Company

  • Achieved a 20% increase in revenue within the first year of tenure.
  • Built and managed a high-performing sales team, resulting in a 30% improvement in sales productivity.
  • Exceeded sales targets by 15% consistently for three consecutive quarters.

3. Highlight your leadership skills:

A successful sales manager should possess excellent leadership skills. Provide examples of how you successfully led teams and motivated them to achieve sales targets. Mention any training or mentoring programs you implemented to enhance the skills of your team members.

How do I write a CV for a sales manager?

4. Showcase your expertise in sales strategies:

Demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency in sales strategies, including lead generation, pipeline management, and closing deals. Highlight any innovative approaches or sales techniques that you have implemented to drive sales growth. Make sure to mention any certifications or training programs related to sales management.

5. Include quantitative results:

Numbers speak louder than words in the sales world. Include specific achievements and measurable results in your CV. For example, mention the percentage of revenue growth you achieved, the number of new clients you brought in, or the percentage increase in sales conversion rates under your leadership.

6. Showcase your interpersonal and communication skills:

Being a sales manager requires strong interpersonal and communication skills. Mention instances where you effectively communicated with clients, team members, and senior management. Highlight your ability to build and maintain relationships with clients, and how you collaborated with cross-functional teams to achieve sales objectives.

7. Demonstrate your analytical and problem-solving abilities:

A sales manager should be able to analyze sales data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Provide examples of how you used data analysis to drive sales strategies and improve performance. Highlight any problem-solving skills you have demonstrated in challenging situations.

8. Include relevant certifications and education:

Mention any certifications, courses, or degrees that are relevant to sales management. This could include certifications in sales, leadership, or management. Also, mention any relevant sales or industry-related conferences, workshops, or training programs you have attended.


Writing an effective CV for a sales manager position requires showcasing your relevant experience, skills, and achievements. By highlighting your sales experience, leadership skills, and quantifiable results, you can create a compelling CV that stands out to potential employers. Remember to tailor your CV to the specific sales manager role you are applying for, and always proofread for any errors before submitting.

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